Economic/Community Development

90 Fresh Water Ponds at Zinkapalem

To help farmers irrigate their agricultural lands, 90 fresh water reservoirs were constructed. Approximate 1.5 acre reservoir can help cultivate 10 acres of land. Due to Salt in ground water, borewell water was not useful for irrigation. Hence constructing these reservoirs helped farmers to cultivate good crop and economic development.

Check Dams & Irrigation Projects

Our District has constructed several check dams and irrigation projects (including borewell pumpsets) which help farmers to cultivate the land and get a good crop. This has helped in achieving economic development.

Home for Humanity

Home for Humanity

Sewing Machines for Women Empowerment

A sewing machine helps lift a woman out of poverty and creates new jobs in her community. Our District has transformed the lives of several families by donating thousands of sewing machines to less privileged women who would support their family with the income.

Tricycles to enable the disabled

Thousands of Tricycles have been provided to the physically challenged to help them get mobility and independently move around.