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Children Deafness Rehabilitation Project

The mobile deafness-screening van with air-conditioned cubicle

Dr. Michael Too-Chung of RC of Winslow U.K., DG 2010-11 Rtn. Rajyalakshmi and Rtn. Charles Gardner, RC of Winslow, along with Rtn. Uma Uppaluri, RCJH President 2010-11 and members of the club.

Rtn. President Uma Uppaluri hands over keys of mobile screening van to Dr. Vijay Babu, Trustee of Shravana Children’s Deafness Rehabilitation Centre, while DG Raji looks on.

Matching Grant Project # 73274 – ROTARY CLUB OF JUBILEE HILLS &

Over six crore people (60 Million) in India are estimated to suffer from poor or no hearing ability. The majority of these have had hearing loss since childhood. The tragedy is that when a child cannot hear, it cannot learn to speak either, though there is nothing wrong with its speech physiology.

Shravana Children’s Deafness Rehabilitation Centre is a wonderful NGO located in Hyderabad which is doing yeoman service, completely free, for children with hearing impairment. Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills worked with Shravana, and with the Rotary Club of Winslow in the UK, to work out a Matching Grant Project for a total value of Rs.16 lakhs (US$ 25000). We provided a mobile van, equipped with an air-conditioned sound-proof rear space and two electronic hearing testing equipment. The project was inaugurated during DG Rajyalakshmi Vadlamani’s visit to the club in 2010-2011 and the two contact Rotarians from RC of Winslow, U.K., Rtns. Charles Gardner and Mike Too-Chung flew down for the occasion. The club president for the year was Rtn. Uma Uppaluri.

The van has been regularly touring villages in Ranga Reddy District and testing infants within a month of birth. Those children who are found to have hearing problems are required to come to Shravana’s city centre, where they are fitted with hearing aids as required.

In 2013, under MG # 78300, the club also provided two specialised BERA Audiometers to Shravana for advanced deafness detection.

The van continues to make trips to the villages and all the expenses are borne by Shravana Team.